‘Twill Be the Day After Christmas!

‘Twill be the day after Christmas, when all through the house,

Everyone’s antsy, yes, even the mouse.

They are tired of the toys, bored with T.V.

There are too many guests, and too much candy.


The children are bustling, awake before dawn.

They clamor for breakfast despite every yawn.

Mom’s in the kitchen, more pancakes to cook.

Dad’s still in bed, asleep under his book.


When out of the corner of grandmother’s eye,

A black and white flyer on the fridge, she does spy.

“Now, where did this come from?” Grandma asks Mom.

“It was sent home from school with a child, perhaps Tom.”


The new risen sun shines bright on the paper.

Grandma starts reading when Tom pulls a caper.

“I remember those guys! They came to my school!

They read lots of stories. They were funny and cool.”


“They call themselves READiculous – an appropriate name!

School stopped for assembly! I’m so glad they came.

They’re from the library; they asked us to come!

We promised to visit, look at books, check out some.”


“Now, Grandma! now, Grandpa! Now Sister and Brother!

Now Uncles, Aunts, Cousins! Now Father and Mother!

Head out to the porch! Climb into the van!

Now dash away! Dash away! We have a plan!”


And then, in a twinkling, they arrive in the lot

Though the cars were a-plenty, they still find a spot.

As they enter the front door, the speakers announce:

“READiculous at 10!” And upstairs they all bounce!


Ms. Susan’s eyes twinkle! Ms. Alissa, how merry!

They play many characters, their costumes do vary.

They perform tons of books, some old and some new.

Some from show number one; some from show number two.


All the kids laugh; (the parents do too.)

Poor Grandma and Grandpa, their faces turn blue!

But wait, there is more! Show number three’s in the works!

Coming soon to your school… good behavior has perks.


The audience applauds. They raise quite a din

As READiculous wraps up their show with a grin.

You can tell they have one more SURPRISE up their sleeve…

(You’ll just have to come! – you’ll hear ‘fore you leave.)


Please join READiculous at 10 AM. Wednesday, December 26. In the children’s department of Decatur Public Library.  We will also give a very special upcoming announcement that will be delivered at the end of the show.



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