Decatur at 4 a.m.: Signs of life in the dead of night

Usually bustling with business people and relaxing townspeople alike, the newly revamped Downtown Decatur area is a central hub of Decatur business, community and history. However, have you ever wondered what it looks like in the dark of the night. Well, local photographer Keenan Adams has, and he struck out with his camera on a chilly evening to see what he could find. The photo series “Decatur at 4 a.m.,” is an eerie, but quietly peaceful portrayal of our downtown area in a state in which most citizens never get to see it. The buildings and sidewalks are quiet, but our version of city lights still shine throughout the wee hours of the morning. In one photo, however, you can see a solitary  light still burning in the window of a building on Water St. So, traffic or no traffic, construction or no construction, suits and ties or no one at all, the spirit of Decatur still glows. In the hush of the night, the carriage house still stands bright as a lighthouse signaling that Decatur is alive whether its abuzz with action or not.

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