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  • classroom-istock

    Navigating Common Core Math

    Since 2013 Illinois Schools have implemented the Common Core Standards. The subject most up for prosecution is Math. There is negativity floating throughout the social media world about Common Core. For example, most of us have seen this article floating through Facebook. The National Review supports a very negative view of Common Core. If you are attempting to navigate through your child's math homework, which can be really confusing, do not subject yourself to articles like that one. It is impossible to help our children if we only speak negative of their learning. It is imperative for us to be involved with our child’s education, as there are flaws in the “system” that need changed. However, only gaining your knowledge on a topic through negative news celebrities and social media, you will only come to one conclusion.

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  • drinking water featured

    Tougher fracking regulations needed to protect drinking water

  • Justice (1)

    What I Have No Right to Say

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    End Game